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However may not be quite correct to get the parameter to switch properly. Use This could be a bug. Use the plugin Controls view to see how the parameter value changes as you change the Multiply field and press the switch.

Mode pop-up menu : Choose the mode used by incoming values to modify the current parameter value. All other values set the parameter value to 0 i. This option is useful for buttons that toggle a value, such as Mute or Solo.

This is commonly used for encoders but is also useful for buttons that increment or decrement by a certain amount—specified by the Multiply parameter. To decrement a parameter by 1 with a button press: Set Multiply to —1. This is useful for button presses that cycle between modes, such as automation mode. This is useful for enabling or disabling single channel strip types in All view. It is set to Scaled for absolute controls faders and knobs, for example or to Relative for encoders. Feedback pop-up menu and checkboxes : Choose the display format of the parameter value on the control surface display, if applicable.

This can be useful to control the lights on a device like the Apogee GiO so that the lights properly reflect the state of the plugin parameter. Pingback: Using a DAW for band rehearsal — jimamsden.

Hi, great article, very informative, thank you. I have a very specific problem, however, and am at a loss. Since you are obviously very knowledgeable about controller assignments, I was hoping you had an idea.

I think this is because Logic sends the peak value as attribute to the meters, rather than the real-time value. As you wrote, there seems to be no way of changing the attribute within assignments any other way than by using the learning mode. Am I just being thick by not figuring it out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Thank you so much for this! The Apple documentation is confusing at times, and people who understand this topic are a very rare find.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. The Logic Pro X Controller Assignments view does not provide any way to edit the parameter of a controller assignment. The only way to select a parameter is using Learn mode. To change the parameter being controlled, you have to delete and recreate the controller assignment with the correct parameter.

Some Logic Pro X plugins allow parameter selection on the plugin Editor view. S-Gear and all the Logic plugins do this. You have to switch to the plugin Controls view to select the parameter value when using controller assignment Learn mode. This automatically learns the mapping in the Controller Assignments.

But you have to do this in a careful sequence of parameter selection followed by pressing a MIDI controller or you will overwrite previous assignments. I find it simpler to do one at a time and turn off Learn mode right after selecting the parameter and MIDI message, and before editing any other controller assignment parameter.

These values are often incorrect, but are easily edited in the Controller Assignments view. If you have multiple MIDI controls, say two FCBs, that need to have their controller assignments directed to a specific track, then you can set the controller assignment Channel Strip parameter to Audio and set the number to the audio channel number for the track.

You can use the MIDI environment to change the audo channel number if you need to use the same audio channel in different projects. For example, if in the MIDI environment, you see that you have a gap in the used audio channels, any MIDI controller assignments sent to audio channels after that gap will not work. Preferences This section lists some Logic Pro preferences that are generally applicable to controller assignments and how they behave. Devices in separate rows are treated independently.

Controller Assignments You do not explicitly save controller assignments or related preferences and settings. Each of these is covered in detail in the sections below. The assignment will be deleted if no message is received in learn mode. Format pop-up menu : Choose the format used to encode negative values. S-Gear would map this to 0. Set the Multiplier to 2 in order to scale the values to 0. S-Gear Delay and Reverb Thing bypass have three states.

Use a multiplier of to scale 0. Direct: The incoming value is used as the parameter value. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Write a Comment Expert view is only available when Show Advanced Tools and the Control Surfaces checkbox are selected in the Advanced preferences pane. Tip: You can only switch back to Easy view if a track or plug-in parameter is selected.

Zone list: Displays available zones for the device. The No Zone entry is for zoneless assignments—assignments that are always active, regardless of the active zone. You can also double-click a zone to rename it. For more information see Use controller assignments zones and modes in Logic Pro. Mode list: Displays modes for the currently selected zone. The No Mode entry is for modeless assignments. You can also double-click a mode to rename it.

For more information, see Use controller assignments zones and modes in Logic Pro. The left column displays the name of the control and the right column displays the abbreviated name of the parameter being controlled.

The parameters of the selected assignment appear in the fields to the right of the list. Note: You can select multiple assignments in the list, but only the parameters of the first selected assignment are displayed.


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Choose Logic Pro > Control Surfaces > Controller Assignments (or press Command-K), then click the Expert View button. Download the guides: Logic Pro User. Expert Translation Reviewers delete or view data and files within a system, as defined displays or downloads advertising material to a computer Explore the complete catalog of instructor-led and on-demand training available for Intel Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)


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FBV Shortboard MkII または FBV Express MkII と、POD X3 または POD X3 Pro “Controller Assignment” ダイアログには “Expert View” というビューが用意されてい Apple LogicProX Logic Pro X 音源 User Manual X音源 Instruments J. User Manual: Apple LogicProX LogicProX音源. Open the PDF directly: View PDF PDF


Logic pro x controller assignments no expert view free download


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