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This blog post will help explain what Managed Home Screen is, when to use it and how to set it up. These are corporate-owned devices http://replace.me/5006.txt not associated with any particular user and often leveraged to complete specific tasks. Managed Home Screen also enables organizations to further customize, restrict, and troubleshoot their Intune-managed dedicated devices.

If you are looking for a similar solution on your Intune-managed AE fully managed devices, please use our Microsoft Launcher for Enterprise solution. Use MHS when you want your end users to have access to a specific set of applications on your Intune-enrolled dedicated devices. When configured in multi-app kiosk mode in the MEM console, MHS is automatically affinity designer serial key free as the default affinity designer serial key free screen on the device and appears to the end user as the only home screen.

This will prevent devices affiinty being misused and allows you to completely customize the home screen experience. Regardless of what is already installed on the device, you can pick which apps and system settings you want your users to access from MHS to ensure the content they access is completely relevant to their tasks.

MHS gives you the flexibility to empower your users. Learn more by reading on! In one place within MHS you can:. These are customizations that you only get by using Managed Home Screen via multi-app kiosk mode. Without MHS, you can deslgner use single-app kiosk mode if you want your devices locked into one specific app, or leave kiosk mode not configured.

If you leave kiosk mode not configured, dsigner will cree limited control over the affinity designer serial key free experience. Reference the chart below for a visual summary of what MHS provides. The application will always be launched, with no exit path. Users will only have access to the items you have explicitly made available.

Device debugging MHS log collection, device information, easy access to Intune app and Android device policy app sync, ability to exit to OEM home screen.

Before we begin, make sure you have an Android device that is capable of enrolling into Intune as an Android Enterprise dedicated device. Not sure if your device meets the requirements? In this step you will create an enrollment profile to generate an enrollment token and attach it to a device group.

Please note that this step assumes you have already set Intune as your MDM authority and that you have connected your Intune tenant to your Managed Google Play account.

At the top left-hand corner, choose Create profile. Fill in the Name and, if you want to, a Description. You can also choose when you would like your token to expire, with a max expiry of 90 days from the day you create the token. Tip: Remember this name, as we will be using it next.

Create a new group by filling out a Group name and, if you want, a Group description. Change Membership type to Dynamic device. And then Add a dynamic query.

We will use dynamic queries so that your device is automatically added to a group based on the property of your choice. In this example, we are going to add devices to this user group whenever a device enrolls with the profile you just made. Select Save to save the query and return the New group page. Confirm your device group was created in the All groups page. This step will make sure that Managed Home Screen is downloaded and installed on your enrolled devices and automatically launched.

On the left-hand side, notice the Play Store icon, affinity designer serial key free lock icon and a globe icon. To add public applications, keep the Play Store icon selected. To add private applications or web applications, choose the lock and globe icons, respectively.

Hit Approve once more and follow the instructions on the next pop-up regarding app permission requests. Click Done when you are ready. Repeat the above steps for all the public applications you would like to add to the store. Reference our documentation if you would like to add private applications or web apps. The same link calls out the steps we have illustrated above seria, public applications if you ever need a quick reference.

When you are done adding Managed Play Store applications, hit the Sync button in the top left-hand corner. You will see dezigner banner appear back in your application list:. In addition affinity designer serial key free Managed Play Store applications, we often get questions about how to add system applications to dedicated devices that kdy using Managed Affinity designer serial key free Screen.

These apps are often frer by default upon enrollment, so you will need to follow these steps to enable them and affinity designer serial key free the icon on the device. Choose required if you would like the application available on the device, or uninstall if you would like the application to always be hidden on the device. If you seriall having trouble locating the correct package names for your device, please work with your device OEM s.

In this step, we will walk you through creating a device configuration profile for your dedicated devices. This profile will allow you to configure device-level behavior and will affinity designer serial key free allow you to configure kiosk desigber, which is how your device s will know to launch MHS automatically.

Choose Create and fill out a Name for your profile and, if you want, a Description. Use the available categories to configure any settings that microsoft office word free download 10 free download applicable to your scenario. For this tutorial, we will focus only on showing you how to set up Managed Home Screen under the Dedicated devices category.

This will make sure your devices targeted with this profile are locked into MHS, which you already set as a required application in Affinity designer serial key free читать. Additionally, it will show you a list of settings that are directly applicable to MHS. In the top section, choose Add to select any Android Enterprise applications you have added to the console, which we also did in Step 3.

These are the applications that will appear to your end-users when they use MHS. Underneath the app selection setting, configure any of the settings that you like. You can use the tooltips to better understand what these settings to, or refer to our documentation.

At this point, you can enroll your devices into Intune and expect them to download any of the apps you targeted, receive applied settings and other affinity designer serial key free, and automatically lock into and launch MHS. Find the details in Step 7. To take full advantage of all the settings that Microsoft Managed Home Screen has to offer, you can create an app configuration policy, since many of the customizations are not yet available in the Device configuration profile.

We will walk you frwe this in the next step. Below is a summary of which customizations are exclusive to app configuration policy at this point in time.

Choose which settings you want to expose in MHS by picking from this list:. Enable a Device Information tab to see information around sserial model, manufacturer, and serial number.

As mentioned above, if you have completed stepsyou designed all set to enroll your devices. This step is optional, and should be used if you want to learn how to leverage all of the Managed Home Screen features we have available for you today, either pre- or post-enrollment.

This step will allow you to configure the complete list of features MHS has to offer today. Additionally, any time MHS publishes an update to the Google Play store affijity new features, the settings become instantly available via app configuration.

Please note, we strongly affinity designer serial key free using device configuration to set the MHS settings that exist there. For the MHS settings you want that are not yet available in device configuration, please use App configuration. Fill посетить страницу the Name and, if you want, a Description.

Choose Next when you are ready to continue. On the top half of affinity designer serial key free screen are Permissions assignments. Serkal this tutorial, we will be using the default permissions, and will not be making any adjustments here. However, feel free to make changes as you see fit. Configuration designer will show you all available configurations for features within MHS the instant a new update is released on the Managed Google Play Store. However, some configuration keys will only be configurable through JSON format.

From affibity Configuration settings format drop-down menu, select Use desitner designer and choose Add to open a panel with all the available MHS configuration keys. Note : V alues at this point are not saved. On the Assignments page under Included groupschoose S elect groups to include and pick the device group you created in Step 2. Want to add a bit of organization to your home screen?

Create a folder managed by you. This can only be done via JSON data format in an app configuration policy. You will now be able to set the position of an item to assigned grid position. Positions read from affinity designer serial key free to largest from left-to-right and then top-to-bottom. This grid size will contain at maximum 21 items on each page. Note that custom widgets can take up more than one space depending on its size.

To customize this JSON for your own use, simply replace the app package names and position numbers to match your customization. Since there is no user associated with AE dedicated devices, user credentials will not be required during enrollment or provisioning. The device will sync policies with Intune. Once policies are synced, apps will begin to download and install on your device. Once Managed Home Screen is installed, it will auto-launch and show all your configurations.

Your device is ready for use! We are excited to share the robust capabilities that Managed Home Screen can provide to help you deliver a superior and consistent end-user experience on all your Intune-managed dedicated devices.

As we continue to innovate on the Managed Home Screen, we affinity designer serial key free forward to your ongoing usage affinity designer serial key free feedback. Have feedback? Need help?